Special feature : Gothic darkwave festival or the art of making up the fraud of the century in the gothic movement

It all begun the 9th of February, a new festival just appeared : "the gothic darkwave festival."
After many years without any festival featuring dark electronic music and the coldwave/darkwave scene both, we were happy to hear about this.
Besides the "nuits dark rituals" (happening every year) being a festival made for a more restricted crowd in terms of musical diversity;
the last « great » french gothic festival was the Dark Castle festival which took place on the 27th of July 2013 and which went full electro for its last edition featuring a really small number of bands.
You know the saying… it was better before..
The « Dark Omen » or « festival de l’érèbe » festivals remain the greatest made in France to this day…
So here comes the gothic darkwave festival freshly arrived claiming to be the first of its name (see what I did there ?).
First with this name ok, first french gothic festival absolutely not.
Quite a few comments started to appear here and there but we preferred to stay indulgent and believe in it despite the total lack of respect for all the ancient festival organizers of the french scene. 

The line-up is unveiled with the following bands :
SATURDAY 19th of August
Autopsie d'une ombre (FR)
DaGeist (FR)
Sygo Cries (BE)
Honeymoon Cowboys – Ex Siglo XX (BE)
Astari Nite (Miami)
Rabbit at War (DE)
Soror Dolorosa (FR)
Grausame Töchter (DE)
She Past Away (Turquie)
Diary of Dreams - Official Site (DE)
The 69 Eyes (Finlande)

SUNDAY 20th of August
Kirsten Morrison Music (UK)
Combat Voice (BE)
Das Fluff (DE)
The Last Days of Jesus (Slovaquie)
Psyche (DE)
Wulfband (Suède)
Das Ich (DE)
This Morn' Omina (BE)
Rabia Sorda Official (Mexique)
Die Krupps (DE)

A fantastic line-up which I hurried myself to approve and went spreading my joy everywhere around me. 

The festival shared a lot of diversified content taken from other pages to advertise itself, the said content having nothing to do with festival.
It appeared later that the host used other artists' visuals to promote the festival and confirmed attendances without their agreement. 
On the other hand, the program announced on the 5th of March seemed ambitious and very well furnished, written entirely in big capital aggressive letters, here it is on this screenshot : 

Logbook of the main news from the gothic darkwave festival :

14th of March the organizer announces the arrival of more than 30 tatoo artists + 10 piercing booths.
20th of March, quoting the festival's facebook page here, 1000 tickets have been sold in one month and a half..
It seems pretty obvious the festival is bluffing when you know slightly the public from the french gothic movement..
21th of March, the festival promotes its other event in Belgium still made by François Xavier Legleye, the "new gold dreams" festival.
I strongly advise you to read the reviews of this festival to make yourself an idea… (yes yes it's really worth the read.. ;) )
6th of June, Dageist formerly displayed on the festival posters writes one of the first facebook statuses from the group of bands revealing the lies of this event.
It seems there were some unpaid fees, broken promises, lack of respect for bands and public, insults and removal of Dageist from the line up without any good reason.
Other artists from the scene, DJs especially were threatened by private messages to stand trial in court or to « get smashed up » by the organizer himself if they dared to reveal the truth about the festival.
Co-organizers abandon ship seeing how things are turning bad for the event.
We even heard about actual trials going on for one of the persons involved with the threatening which will testify multiple times and do his best to help other people being victim of the same scam.

 Meanwhile, the festival simply announces :  « our new festival’s line-up » without mentioning Dageist and Sygo Cries’ cancelation.
23th of May, François Xavier continues to delude us by sharing a video coming from a steampunk page which doesn’t belong to him containing giant puppets.
He adds the following message «  Expect a surprise ».
Well FX, good job, you surprised us big time!
Tell me, the puppets, it wouldn’t happen to be the way you consider the public attending to your events ? 

15th of June, Combat Voice makes a furious facebook status against the gothic darkwave festival :

//NEWS// Following the confusion and many questions these last days, we have to write it once again: Combat Voice will NOT play at GDW Festival in August 17 in France due to a lack of professionalism from the organisation. This person has no respect at all for the bands. The name of Combat Voice and our pics are still on his FB page and his website but we're NOT part of this big shit. Mr Fx Legleye is a liar and a crook ! CV »

17th of June, I try to get an accreditation to his festival for my webzine.
Despite all the things being said about it, I prefer to focus on the bands still attending.
His answer was very quick and without taking the time to talk with me about the specifics, he had already shared a random article of mine as a partner of his festival...
I found him very strange and the article he shared was again out of context.
He was remaining quite unclear in his conditions and I was doubting his sayings but I tried the experience anyway…
International artists’ interviews were at stake here and it appeared to me rather appealing at that time.
Time passes by and I still don’t show up as a partner of his website whereas he appears on mine.
I remained suspicious. 

18th of June, we get a proud announcement of « The Beauty of Gemina »’s arrival without any explanations about the fact that they’re replacing « She Past Away » which the organizer didn’t mention in the cancellations…
20th of June,  it’s "NU :N"’s turn to be introduced (without noticing anyone about  "Combat Voice" removal and them being their replacement)..
23th of June,  "Hapax" is mysteriously added to the line-up and will actually replace "Dageist"..
29th of June, 2700 of us have taken our tickets to the festival according to the organizer.
( psst.. between us, he officially went nuts… )

30th of June,  25000 flyers were given out at the Mainsquare Festival, an advertisement campaign aired on the radios and was posted in the classic press… And... we discover with our own eyes at the same time the festival’s new line-up !
4 new bands which replace the original line-up but still nothing about the cancellations.. 

30th of June, he shares again my article about the pretty Sombre cat model which doesn’t relate at all to the festival. He adds a link to his box-office website above it.7th of July, he adds the band « Der klinke » to his line-up without explaining anything again which covers up a new removal.

11th of July, he throws up a juicy offer, flash sales until the 15th of July at midnight, one day festival ticket bought = one ticket offered.
A bit weird for a festival who already has 2700 presales…

12th of July,  he finally announces only  11 tattoo artists & piercers will be working in the gothic village.
How much we were saying at first ? Ha yes ! 30 tattoo artists et 10 piercing booths, a slight difference...

13th of July, he announces the arrival of a new band « Eden Weint Im Grab » , well well.. who cancelled again ?

16th of July, it’s RTL’s turn to be the gothic darkwave festival’s partner.
This man isn’t really afraid of anything …

22th of July, "69 Eyes " make public their gig’s cancellation on their facebook page because of a severe breach of contract.
No reaction at all on the festival’s page..  I’m choked by their silence…

25th of July, I make a big decision,  reporting this festival’s scam to the public.
Of course, consequences arrived shortly after my publication...
I receive a very friendly message from the organizer who threatens me to stand trial in court just for telling the truth and revealing the cancellations...

25th of July, it’s also Soror Dolorosa’s turn to declare they won’t show up and play at the Gothic Darkwave festival because of a « bad felling with this event’s organisation ». And we can only be relieved for them to have escaped such a circus..
Also on the 25th of July, "The Devil & the Universe" cancel their show because of a breach of contract … yet another one…
27th of July, Die Krupps cancel as well, still posted on their facebook page only because of a breach of contract from the host this time !
28th of July, he decides to vaguely speak about the cancellations using the terms « replacing the defective bands ». The post has been mysteriously corrected since then with « abandonment ».
I can’t stop myself from being chocked but at the same time laugh about it...
Please tell me it’s a joke right ?
This Morn’ Omina advises people as well on their page about a breach of contract with the festival this day.
31th of July, he proceeds to « update «  the line-up that night..
Precising of course to trust only the one posted by the festival’s page.
Obviously, he proved us he’s a man we can trust…
2nd of August,  he decides to share the line-up’s update.
Here’s how it appears to be :
11/ DIARY OF DREAMS à 0H15/1H30
10/ THE BEAUTY OF GEMINA 22H45 / 23H45
9/ EDEN WEINT IM GRAB 21H15 / 22H15
7/ ASTARI NITE 18H30 / 19H15
6/ RABBIT AT WAR 17H15 / 18H00
5/ THE ARCH 16H00 / 16H45
3/ GROUND NERO 13H30 / 14H15
2/ HAPAX 12H15 / 13H00
1/ AUTOPSIE D 'UNE OMBRE 11H00 / 11H45


11/ PYROHEX 1H25 / 1H45
10/ RABIA SORDA 0H15 à 1H15
9/ DAS ICH 22H45 / 23H45
8/ DAS FLUFF 21H15 / 22h15
7/ WULFBAND 20H00 / 20H45
6/ LAST DAYS OF JESUS 18H45 / 19H30
5/ DER KLINKE 17H00 / 18H15
4/ NU:N 15H45 / 16H30
3/ INERTIA 14H30 / 15H15
2/ STORY OFF 13H15 / 14H00

11th of August, François Xavier is going crazy again : « 1+1= 1.  »
Welcome to the fair !
12th of August, "Wulfband "cancel their live without any explanations but it seems it’s about unpaid fees by the organizer..
15th of August, « The last days of jesus » cancels as well, the reason being a « organisational problem. »
18th of August, a day before the festival, the french magazine Courrier Picard published a paper about it, mentioning the cancellation of "Pyrohex" and the answer from their group saying : «  They didn’t pay in advance or booked flights so we could come and make our show ».
Pyrohex stated as well on social networks on the 17th of August : «  Our organisational deadlines are passed and we can’t participate anymore »,  adding their participation «  was never confirmed on (their) side and they never got the permission to advertise their coming to this show ».

Quotes translated, originals taken from : http://www.courrier-picard.fr/50692/article/2017-08-18/gothic-dark-wave-tilloloy-tout-se-decide-samedi-matin

But wait ! it’s not over yet!
"Grausame Tochter" cancelled their gig as well because of « organisational problems ».
Best of all, « Das Ich » cancelled their show during the festival on the 19th of August because of multiple broken promises despite the fact that they didn’t want to take the disseminated rumours seriously…

Be aware of the fact that all the comments posted on the festival’s facebook page by people knowing and asking about the massive cancellations were deleted by the organizer himself and these people were banned from the page !
You’ve guessed that the people who bought their presales are very pissed about all this and want a full refund.
The host’s reaction is unacceptable.
The smallest uncomfortable question about the festival brings banishment and refund messages remain unanswered,  the people asking blocked on Facebook.

A petition has been created about these events and you have the power to change the outcome of all of this by signing it here :



Translated by Michel Proxy.